Victim does not want to believe she's been scammed

Anonymous | 04 Oct 2023

Investment Scam
I'm writing this article because my wife has become a victim of a love and investment scam, though she remains unaware of it. She continues to engage with the scammer on a daily basis, who is currently located in Thailand.

On August 29, 2023, she unintentionally responded to a WhatsApp message from Andy, the scammer. Following this, they began regular communication. Within a week, she was entangled in a fake cryptocurrency trading scheme, leading her to transfer SGD $1500 to a fraudulent Standard Chartered bank account and share a screenshot of her old passport.

Starting in the third week of September, their messages became more intimate, addressing each other in Chinese terms like '老公' and '老婆.' As her husband of 19 years, I felt deeply disappointed by her actions. The police have informed her about the fake Standard Chartered bank account, but she remains unconvinced. She is also unwilling to meet with the police to report the scammer.

In an effort to prevent further losses, her personal bank account has been frozen, preventing any more money transfers to the scammer. At present, no one has been able to convince her that she is communicating with a scammer. However, if she wishes to unfreeze her bank account, she will need to acknowledge that she has fallen victim to a scam and report it to the assigned Investigation Officer.