I lost over $3k to an Investment scam

Anonymous | 04 Sep 2022

Investment Scam
I came across this FB profile named Ginny Qi, she claimed to be the top ten crypto trader, and also shows herself as a very helpful person. I added her as my friend in Fb, she told me that I could invest with just 500USD.

And she guaranteed that in one week she would gain big profits. So, I agreed and brought bitcoin and transferred to the Kucoin address that she send me. After one week she showed me the profit as 116850 in total and I could withdraw all in 10 minutes and just give her 10% of the profit amount. So, I applied for the withdrawal in the trading account. Than came an email that i need to pay about 15k USD as broker commission.

So, we had an argue on this. Than she told me she could help me with 12k and i pay 3k and in 10mins i will receive all the profit. After 2 to 3 days still i never receive the money. After that another email came, now they are asking another 2500usd, saying that the money has been transferred and now need to pay another 2500 call as reflection fees. I got very angry on this. I told ginny that this is never ending, no prior notice was given about all this payment. I told her i want my 3k back. Every time they say this will be the last payment, until now I never get back my $3k capital. I knew that I would never able to recover my money but I hope that my story could help others.