I fell prey to an investment scam

Anonymous | 07 Apr 2022

Investment Scam Money Mule Scam
I knew Justin (jwc) from facebook and he portrayed a luxurious life with strong forex trading. Taking a leap of faith, I opened a trading account and made money at first. He then asked me to pool the money with him as he is having too many customers and hard to do the trading 1 by 1.

He also have some investors to transfer money to me and said that it can be held as a collateral and profit disbursement as his personal bank account is constantly maxed out with transactions daily. Things started to get ugly when he couldn't give us back the weekly profit as promised. i then received a text saying that i may have transferred money to an account related to an investment scam which i made a police report promptly.

His investors that transferred money to me also made police report against him but as the money was transferred to me before RELEASING to him, i'm now implicated and my bank account is frozen. i called up the investigation officer and was told that i'll be called down for an investigation.

I now live in anxiety as i have 2 young daughters and a wife to feed and this happened just because i trusted his forex investments.