Online friend turned out to a scammer attempting to trick me into investing

Anonymous | 08 Jan 2023

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam

Met this guy from cmb and he ask to change to whatsapp and telling you he very sincere to know you. Then will do a video record of him delete cmb app. He will chat and take photo of his food etc, call you every night.

Call you by nickname and sweet talk you. Tell you he owns a condo in toa payoh and has car. Showing off that he is loaded.

This person told he was working in sea limited company as a director. During the getting to know period, he was telling about his involvement in private crowdfunding projects and his dealings/friendship with chris feng (well-known ceo of shopee).

Then he told he need to attend some project in kl as the shopee database has issue. After that, he called me and told he need someone to help to check on the bto status in singapore in order for him to decide on investing in the private crowdfunding for this bto.

Out of goodwill i went to the bto construction site to help to check it out since is somewhere nearby my area. Later, he use this help from me, and mentioning he owe me a big favour.

Then, he contacted me to told me he want to return me a favour and hoping me as a partner will do good too. He was trying to ask me to join some small private crowdfunding projects. In addition, he told that the opportunities of such project is rare, and to join you need to have connection and invitation to access the url. He revealed that he got his connection from chris feng, ceo of shopee, and the invitation will due in 2 days.

However, upon my rejection to his offer, he went outrage and started to text in chinese. And he started to say all these private crowdfunding are related to government projects etc, and asking me am i doubting my own government.

Fortunately, I did not do anything and i stopped my contact and block him.