I got cyber-extorted

Anonymous | 10 Oct 2021

Cyber Extortion Scam
Met this girl on Facebook dating, and she seemed really genuine. It was also my first time using Facebook data or any dating platforms. she suggested that we move to line and continued chatting there. it started getting flirty and she asked if I wanted to do a video call which I agreed to. She did something compromising on video and asked me to do likewise. She also asked me to download an app called private space whereby i had to key in my phone number and a referral code provided by her. i think this was how she managed to obtain my contact list. the next day the scammer threatened to send the video to everyone in my contact list if I did not pay $2000. made a police report and blocked all of the scammer's number.

Guys if you all happen to experience the same thing as I did, please do not pay any money to them. I highly doubt that they will delete the video and stop asking for payment. i know that some of you may feel scared but it's ok, these things happened. find someone trustable like your family members to talk to and it helps a lot.