Beware of scam calls claiming that you have won a lucky draw

Anonymous | 12 Apr 2023

Lottery Scam
I received an invitation call to an Alibaba event from various Singapore numbers. A few days/weeks later, a woman named Gao Hui Ling claimed that you won a 2-carat Cartier diamond in a lucky draw. She offered two options to claim the prize - either by visiting their Hong Kong office or transferring the prize money to your bank account. I chose the second option to transfer the prize money to my bank account. Gao then requested for my bank details, full name, and identification number. Gao said that someone from the finance department would contact you to complete the process. However, I haven't answered the calls from the Hong Kong number.

Please note that this is most likely a scam, and you should not share your personal information or respond to such calls/messages. It's recommended that you report the incident to the relevant authorities and block these numbers.