Beware of lucky draw scams!

Anonymous | 16 Nov 2022

Lottery Scam

Similar encounter as the following stories:

First call received on 16 oct 2022 (private number) to inform that her company is hosting an in orchard road on 22 oct 2022. Gave her my surname in mandarin and ended the call. Did not attend the mentioned event.

Subsequent call (private number) received on 16 nov 2022, the caller mentioned that I did the survey on 16 oct 2022 so i was entitled to the lucky draw. She mentioned that i had won the 3rd prize worth hkd500,000. She also mentioned that since i did not attend the event on 22 oct, they cannot verify my particular to receive the prize. The next thing, she requested for my personal particular, bank account and other information so that she can submit to the council for the claim of the prize. Realizing she need bank account number from me, i told her i am not interested in the prize and they can give it to the next person in line as she mentioned there are still people waiting in line for the prize. She said that she cannot make the decision and she hope that i would reconsider. After mentioning one more time that i am not interested in the prize, she sound pissed and say she will let me think on it again.

After the call, went online and search for information. Found similar experiences in Seems like they did not even put in the effort to tweak the story a bit and everything is so similar. Hopefully will not get follow up call (mentioned in other experiences) from them again.

Just sharing this incident to bring awareness and be alert when stranger ask for banking details.