Beware of home rental scams!

Anonymous | 12 Aug 2021

Home/Room Rental Scam

I was searching for room rental and had posted my info in this website(https://rentinsingapo??

I received many legitimate offers but one of them was an obvious scam.

He introduced himself as Ahmed. He claimed to have moved abroad due to work circumstance and is trying to find someone to take over his apartment.

He gave me an HDB block address but the photos of the unit have condo furnishing and has a bathtub which is rare in HDB units.

The rental fee is also too good to be true for a master's bedroom.
There were too many red flags.

But what really gave it away is when he asked me to buy itunes card. If someone ask you to buy itunes card, never trust them!

I hope that this information will help you spot the danger before it's too late.