I lost over $6,000 to investment scams

Anonymous | 14 Nov 2021

Investment Scam
I met a lady from Tinder (Username: Lim Aileen 35. Mobile: 8410 4006).
she seems friendly and talk about her hobby/family. She is a single with 2 kids.

Eventually she show me her "internet financial project", a screenshot of a trading account with $10k profit today. Using JP Morgan as a insurance finance to trade short term investments. She claimed her uncle is working inside the platform and can give specific order to place orders to earn 10% principle daily.

Platforms (NOTE: Scam sites, do not click)

She keep showing her daily profits $10k, $15k. Eventually I gave in due to "trust" and place small $500. I start earning first few days and able to withdraw everything after trading ends. She keep telling me to pump in more money, and I placed $3800 and managed to withdraw the profits.

Next few days, trading activity stops and no trades are done.

She keep on pressured me to top up my account with fresh funds till $10k, before I can withdraw my account. She even suggest to borrow $ from people, just to top my account. I finally realised the red flags and did not continue to top-up.

I don't think I will see my money ever again. Please don't be foolish like me.