Beware of scammers online

Anonymous | 14 Sep 2023

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I met Michael on CMB; his username was "micheal." He claimed to be a cybersecurity consultant, working from home and renting a condominium in Bukit Timah, driving a Honda HRV.

After a day of messaging on CMB, we switched to WhatsApp. He said he was a Malaysian Chinese and a Singapore PR.

At the start of our conversation, he mentioned he'd been scammed, losing access to his Instagram account. This left him without any social media presence. He later sent a video of himself deleting CMB from his phone, but the recording lacked date, time, and screen-recording icon.

For about two weeks, he called me every night to chat. During one conversation, he said he'd been invited by a client/mentor, a "director of Hong Leong Bank," to participate in a fundraiser for HDB BTO in Tampines. He even shared a video of a BTO along Bedok Reservoir Road. However, he missed the opportunity due to a delayed response.

A few days before our planned meeting, his father had a fall, prompting him to fly back to Kuala Lumpur. Strangely, messages were still being delivered to his phone during his flight.

Later, he mentioned another chance to join a fundraiser, this time for HDB BTO in Tampines Green Opal. He asked if I could take some photos, and I agreed.

Then, he claimed his client/mentor flew to KL to meet him. This person encouraged him to reward me, and he asked for help in obtaining an invitation code for the fundraiser. He explained that with a $500 investment, I could gain $60 within hours, though he couldn't clarify how earnings would be possible if the BTO wasn't completed yet.

The next day, he said he'd received the invitation code from his client/mentor at Hong Leong Bank. When I revealed I'd been scammed before, he became upset, implying I'd kept it from him and was suspicious of him being a scammer.