Beware of Credit-for-Sex scams

Anonymous | 18 May 2022

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Found a so call collage girl doing part time "service". Saying 300 for 2 hours. Insist I go fetch her from her place. Told me to wait at 7-eleven, theb says her friend will call to discuss.

Her friend called, asking if this is the first time ordering escort, keep saying becoz she is a student and all the sob stories. To avoid police, he told me to spend 300 on razor gold and snap a photo to the girl. The guy on phone insist me not to hang up thr call. He asked about my appearance and saying she is on her way to meet me. Then he tells another sob story about sex abuse and needs protection fee which is another 2000 razor which i dont have. The moment i told him that he said to give me a link to transfer 2000 razer gold to that account. This is where i begin to suspect something is not right. Then i stopped.

He then sends some images and some video of a poor guy being beaten up and treaten to hurt my family by looking up my phone number.

I remove all the stuff he sent and all the apps and everything related.
I removed the sim card and clear all traces.

Here's what he doesn't know.

The number was fake. The iD details to purchase the sim card is also fake. The details i gave the lady was also fake. The only thing solid that was given are the few digits from razor gold. Which he has probably claimed for about 300.

To everyone that wants to order any "services", never show your real photos. Never use your real phone number, never use your original instant messanger app, never give any real details. Always wear face mask in case he is nearby. (Suspect he isn't near my becoz he told me to snap a photo of 7-11 shop)