Beware of Credit-for-Sex scams

Anonymous | 19 Jul 2022

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Met this girl on michat. so added on Whatsapp, agree to meet at tampines st 42.
as she'll not accept cash because afraid of "police fishing". asked to buy itunes card 100$ initially, then ask for another 600 for "risk" then another 400 for "verification", I refused to pay and they started to called/message/send threatening messages/voice messages/videos using different numbers (+601172421553/+60176491969). as i was scared, he ask for another $500 which i did transfer to him, and he call for another $500, i realise is a scam, the guy told me to pay him if not he would come my house and threaten my family and I thought after giving some amount of money, he would be gone but he kept on coming so I told myself: "i am very stupid to be scammed by people online" and I would like to advise everyone to be careful of these scams.

Obviously, these are scammers posing themselves as "gang members" so that people will be frightened and give in. In the past, real "gang member" will not identify themselves nor will they betray their "gang" code of conduct. Even if
there is till "gang member" in Singapore, they'll lie low and not proudly identify themselves to create troubles.

Beware of adding people in michat with +60 phone number with Line ID.

I am a victim and I would not want anyone to be part of it as well. Report to the police if he/she continues to harass you!