I lost $200 to a Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 20 Aug 2023

Credit-for-Sex Scam

Connected with an attractive young woman on Telegram who provided an address in Singapore for a meetup. A verification call, purportedly from the lady's manager, was made to me on WhatsApp.

The process involved two steps:

1. The 'manager' requested a $200 iTunes gift card, obtainable from a nearby 7-11 store. Falling for the scheme, I shared the 16-digit code from the card.

2. The manager then insisted on a $2,000 security deposit before arranging a meeting with the lady, a student. I declined and the manager gradually reduced the amount to $500. Despite asking for a selfie and live location of the lady, no proof was provided. The manager, who used a +852 (Hong Kong) WhatsApp number throughout, continued contacting me with different +852 numbers after I refused to buy more iTunes gift cards at $500. He resorted to threats, sending disturbing videos and vulgar messages. He claimed to be from Geylang Lorong 11, 社團369.

I realized I had already paid $200 without meeting the lady.