I was introduced to a fake cryptocurrency site!

Anonymous | 20 Oct 2021

Investment Scam Investment Scam
I matched with this guy on a dating app (paktor) and we started chatting. The conversation slowly led to investments and he showed me screenshots of an investment platform and his profits from it.

He then introduced me to the said investment platform, h5.tpg-base.xyz (Note: Fake investment site. DO NOT click) and asked me to register and call the customer service hotline.

I was then directed to deposit the minimum sum ($500) though a bank transfer to an individual's bank account. They also allocated a secretary to communicate with me via LINE app on queries which I had.

Meantime, the guy was constantly reinforcing through messages that he had profited through investing on the platform.

Initially, I was able get back my deposit. subsequently, I was not able to as they asked me for (18k) tax to withdraw the money which I refused. The guy accused me of taking his money, and asked me to return him.

Conclusion: I found out the photos he sent are false and the picture he had of himself is actually someone else which I search through google reverse image. he is smart and play with your psychology to gain your trust to make the investment.

This happened in oct/2021. Loss of $1000.