Beware of ads offering fake investments

Anonymous | 21 Feb 2024

Investment Scam
My friend saw a post online regarding Sharon Au quarreling with Jean Danker on 'R U OK' due to an investment job. She forwarded me the link, and upon opening it, I found it to be a CNA article (it appeared so). The beginning of the article mentioned it as a secret and implied it wasn't supposed to be posted, yet somehow it managed to be, with a note that it would soon be removed. I continued reading. It felt real, with dialogue between them arguing as Jean Danker didn't seem to like the investment Sharon Au was involved in, despite it making money. The article also mentioned that Sharon Au tried it out immediately on the spot for Jean Danker, who acknowledged its profitability (with photos).

Initially, I didn't think it was a scam. I searched for more information about the company called Instant MOMENTMENT. It turned out to be a cryptocurrency investment company requiring an initial deposit of 250 USD ($338 SGD) with limited spots available. I signed up for an account using my phone number. The article mentioned that after registration, someone (presumably a broker) would call you. So, when I received an overseas phone call 5 to 10 minutes later, I wasn't surprised. I had no inkling it was a scam and only stumbled upon a Facebook post about the incident later on.

After receiving the call, I asked the person to call back as I was out having dinner and didn't have my laptop with me, making it hard to follow step-by-step instructions for the investment. He hesitated a bit, but I explained I was genuinely unavailable at the moment and wouldn't be able to engage effectively. Eventually, he agreed to call me back later.

Subsequently, I searched on Google and found the Facebook post, realizing it was indeed a scam. So, when he called back, I chose not to answer, yet he persisted, calling from different numbers. That's when my suspicions grew, prompting me to block the numbers, though I continued receiving calls from various locations.