Don't be fooled by fake offers online

Anonymous | 22 Aug 2023

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About a month ago, a girl I met on the online dating app Tantan introduced me to a network that initially appeared to be a genuine marketplace platform. It allowed users to set up shops and curate items for sale. When orders were placed, the process involved funding your store wallet with USDT before fulfilling the order. After shipping, earnings were deposited into the wallet. However, instead of allowing withdrawals, the platform required frequent recharging to manage incoming orders.

Initially, orders were small, but they grew in scale, demanding more substantial funds. The situation became clearer when attempting to close the store and halt order processing. The closing procedure mandated injecting additional funds, supposedly to settle issues like restoring a lowered store rating to 100. Ultimately, the platform demanded payment for sales and profit taxes, an amount three times higher than the actual profit from the goods.

These steps were executed incrementally, preventing early detection and intervention. During this process, withdrawing the initially deposited funds was prohibited until compliance with the platform's demands. The girl who introduced me, posing as a successful store owner, guided these actions and insisted on following instructions from the customer service team.

Unfortunately, the registration link she provided is no longer accessible, as I discovered when I attempted to access it again.