I lost a great amount of money to an investment scam

Anonymous | 22 Jan 2022

Investment Scam Investment Scam
I know a girl at FB, start chatting with her, af about 2 WEEKS later she TOLD me she EARNED $500+ durIng our chatting and she approached me to join her in the investment. She helped me twice  with the investment and made me $182 by putting in total of $1200 within 2 hours time respectively . She convinced me to invest $20,000 in order to get high returns within a shorter time period, and on that day there were rewards of $4,888 if invest $30,000 and she said she could share $5000 to make up the 30000 and she expect to share $1888 from the reward. But finally she told me it was too late unable to invest. Next day, she said only $60,000 then can do the investment and we do last investment , will take back all our moNey. So I put in $20,000 more and she do the investment during the night . About an hour later she told me can do the withdrawal. When I do the withdrawal at the website , the customer told me my account is frozen and needed to top up 50% of my withdrawal amount of $69,772. This is when I realised it was a scam.