I lost over $25k to an Investment scam

Anonymous | 23 Dec 2023

Investment Scam

On December 17th, I was added to a WhatsApp group named "Ripple Company A58" by the number +52 33 1420 2452. In this group, an individual named Miss Lead (+60 18-360 0225) initiated discussions about promoting their YouTube channel, offering a $10 payment for liking and sharing their videos. As the tasks increased, they encouraged joining their Telegram group. @Winnie10012 added me to their task group with 56 members, introducing more tasks, including something called an advanced task involving monetary investment.

The first task required a $200 investment guided by a manager (@JennisC23434) through my initial PayNow transaction. Following this, I chose to invest $1500 for a better return, but they insisted on completing group tasks to withdraw returns. Despite my doubts, I proceeded to invest $3450, then ended up paying an additional $9989 and $10500. Upon reaching this point, they claimed I could withdraw everything with returns, but I needed to pay a 30% tax. Realizing it was a scam, I halted further transactions.

In total, I lost $25,439, all through PayNow transactions to different Singapore accounts.

Photo Evidence: