I lost over $4k to an Investment scam

Anonymous | 30 Sep 2023

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Met a guy named Hong Sheng, aged 33, on Bumble. He claimed to have worked in Singapore for six years with a cybersecurity company. We connected on Telegram and conversed for over a week. He mentioned that he was being sent to Kuala Lumpur for work, citing privacy reasons for not using his camera.

He asked me for a favor: to take photos of a BTO under construction because he planned to invest in the project but couldn't inspect it himself. I helped, and he invited me to join him, assuring me that this investment was safe due to government involvement.

He provided an invitation code, supposedly a favor from his friend Andrew. There were different membership tiers, each requiring a specific investment. To become a permanent member (Silver member), a minimum investment of $50,000 was needed.

I initially invested $500 and received a return of $560, then invested $2,000 with a return of $2,263 in the platform account. Initially, I became uncomfortable with the situation and expressed my distrust of the system. He was upset, claiming it wasn't easy to obtain the invitation code and that he was doing this for our future.

I reluctantly invested the $2,000 when he began guilt-tripping me. However, when I tried to withdraw the money, the system claimed I entered the wrong PIN multiple times, freezing the account. I was instructed to transfer 100% of the funds to unfreeze it, which I did, resulting in a balance of $4,526. However, I was then told my credit points were insufficient to withdraw the money.

I left the account untouched for four days, no longer wanting the money. Our communication became sparse, and he grew distant, especially after an argument when he attempted to upgrade my account to Silver, which I refused.

On the fifth day, I tried accessing the website, but it was nowhere to be found. That's when I realized I had been scammed. Please exercise caution when interacting with people you meet online!