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I won $50K in a lucky draw that I didn't participate

I received a call from this +966 55 236 9019 with a name ‘Starhub Company’ telling me that I won $50,000 dollars

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12 Feb 2024

Beware of Cyber Extortion scams

I met a girl on a dating app called Meef. We chatted for a bit, and she asked for my Instagram. Her Instagram seemed legitimate, with 4-5 years of posts, which made me lower my guard. After a few days…...

02 Dec 2023

Beware of Sextortions

I met a girl on a dating site who later connected with me on Instagram. She gradually built a connection and persuaded me into an intimate video call, during which she recorded sensitive footage to extort…...

09 Sep 2023

Online friend turned out to be a scammer

I met Paul on Instagram in late July 2023. He was a cheerful guy who would order fruits for me, encouraging me to stay healthy with vitamins. We became emotionally closer. In late August 2023, he went…...

07 Sep 2023

Cyber Extortion scams are real! Don't fall for it

I discovered the girl's Instagram ID while using the dating app Bumble. I messaged her on Instagram and, after briefly checking her account, found it to be genuine. We transitioned to Telegram as per…...

28 May 2023

Don't respond to cyber extortion email!

Here's the cyber extortion email:- I infected you with a malware (RAT)/(Remote Administration Tool), some time ago and since then, I have been observing your actions. The malware gave me full access and…...

21 Mar 2023

Beware of Cyber Extortion impersonation scams!

I received an email on 20 March 2023 from my own email account (full content below). Apparently, that person claims that he/she has taken over full control of my computer device and E-mail account and…...