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I won $50K in a lucky draw that I didn't participate

I received a call from this +966 55 236 9019 with a name ‘Starhub Company’ telling me that I won $50,000 dollars

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28 May 2023

Don't respond to cyber extortion email!

Here's the cyber extortion email:- I infected you with a malware (RAT)/(Remote Administration Tool), some time ago and since then, I have been observing your actions. The malware gave me full access and…...

21 Mar 2023

Beware of Cyber Extortion impersonation scams!

I received an email on 20 March 2023 from my own email account (full content below). Apparently, that person claims that he/she has taken over full control of my computer device and E-mail account and…...

10 Oct 2021

I got cyber-extorted

Met this girl on Facebook dating, and she seemed really genuine. It was also my first time using Facebook data or any dating platforms. she suggested that we move to line and continued chatting there.…...

21 Aug 2021

I almost fell prey to scammer's trap

She liked me on Facebook dating app and sent me her overseas number to add her via WhatsApp, while stating she is currently living in Singapore. I asked her why didn’t she use a local number and she…...

29 Jun 2020

Scammer got hold of me in a compromising position

met a girl through Tinder and proceed to Whatsapp. After chatting for a while, she asked if we wanted to do a video call to chat. I was bored so I agreed. shortly after the chat did get a bit flirty and…...

24 Jun 2020

Scammer threatened to release compromising footage

Met a girl on tinder, seemed sincere after few text. invited me to watch her live stream. downloaded the app and had an error (red flag!). agreed to sext as compensation, after the deed, she demanded…...