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I won $50K in a lucky draw that I didn't participate

I received a call from this +966 55 236 9019 with a name ‘Starhub Company’ telling me that I won $50,000 dollars

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29 Apr 2022

Fake "CNA" website attempted to promote crypto investments using "PM Lee"

I came across this fake website using PM Lee's name fraudulently to lure investors.  […...

28 Apr 2022

Beware of fake websites promoting cryptocurrencies

Would like to bring to attention to authority on the infringement use of Channel News Asia profile to solicit investment of crypto currency.…...

28 Apr 2022

Beware of Telegram groups that misused the "GIC" name

a group of scammers on telegram creating fake investments for "gic". i have checked with gic and they have no such investment schemes (check out gic official website). @Gic_singaporea @gicinvestment @gicinvestmentsingapore00…...

13 Apr 2022

Online friend turned out to be a scammer

I met him from tantan app. He's profile was verified. We talked a little bit and we moved to Whatsapp to talk better. He showed me himself on video call, which was right. Same person as on the page. About…...

08 Apr 2022

Not all online friends are genuine

Chatted with a guy named lufeng on dating app. moved to telegram and spoke in chinese. he sold story as coming from china, beijing, here to work for uncle, saying he is a reliable man, looking for someone.…...

07 Apr 2022

I fell prey to an investment scam

I knew Justin (jwc) from facebook and he portrayed a luxurious life with strong forex trading. Taking a leap of faith, I opened a trading account and made money at first. He then asked me to pool the…...