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I won $50K in a lucky draw that I didn't participate

I received a call from this +966 55 236 9019 with a name ‘Starhub Company’ telling me that I won $50,000 dollars

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14 Aug 2022

I lost over $20k to a fake gambling site

Met a girl called chan Chui Shuen in a social media app, we had a good time of chatting and she brought me into an online gambling website called 星河国际 which I managed to earn some minor profits at first.…...

06 Jul 2022

Beware of unsolicited phone calls informing you that you have won a lucky draw

Similar experience to: First received a call on 6 Jun 2022. Mentioned…...

16 Dec 2021

Scammer attempted to impersonate as SingPost staff

This person pretending to be singapost and said im one of the winner for Singpost give away $2000. They said the money will be sent to my home address and requested for my home address. I knew it was…...

02 Sep 2021

Beware of lucky draw scams

Scammer called and claim that you have participated in a lucky draw and won the third price of HKD 500K and that she will informed the admin to deposit the amount to your bank acc. she asked for details…...

18 Jul 2021

Remote gambling site turned out to be a scam site

I was enticed by my friends to join the online betTing as I see them gaining 5% daily profits everyday. Registered in www.muyan6?.com and start the betting. We are communicating with a Coach who advise…...

14 Sep 2020

If you are asked to provide your credit card details to enter a lucky draw, ignore!

My friend A contacted me asking for my phone number via messenger. They mentioned it is for shopee 5th yr special campaign. then they send you a code via this number +13246584447 which they asked you…...