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16 Jan 2023 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of job scams!

I got a random number from this guy on whatsapp, claiming to be head of operations from shopee (red flag). He is offering $20 to like youtube videos... Which is too good to be true.. But i did out of…...

29 Dec 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Don't be fooled by unknown people you meet online

Pretty girl added me on instagram. praised some of my pictures, claims to just want to make more friends despite pictures of my wife in my gallery. she eventually asked for my number for 'convenience'…...

23 Dec 2022 | Story | Job Scam
I almost fell prey to a Job scam

Got connected via fb. chat went well and reply was very prompt. Tell tale signs of such scam 1.She will suggest to chat on whatapp and explain how it will change the communication 2.Malaysian working…...

19 Nov 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of job scams!

Person added me on instagram and started messaging. moved to Whatsapp, then asked for help with creating "sales" data with luisaviaroma's affiliate link. I was given a link to a whatsapp business account…...

11 Nov 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Online friend asked me to help her with her 'job'

Told me to help her boost sales in ezbuy through whatsapp Ask their CS (Customer Service) to send a link in ezbuy, then I screenshot the items to CS. CS then send me paynow details for me to transfer…...

06 Oct 2022 | Story | Job Scam
I lost $4k to a Job scam

A girl @aisyah_angel_5534 suddenly followed me on instagram. Her intro, post and followers looks normal so i accepted. We started chat and then our chat was directed to whatsapp (+6581737314). We turned…...

13 Sep 2022 | Story | Impersonation Scam
Scammer attempted to impersonate "MOH"

I'd received a ground phone call with recorded message informing me that i did not reply a number of their calls on requesting to go for booster vaccine shot. After I pressed the number for a particular…...

11 Sep 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Job offer turned out to be a scam

Saw a job ad for data entry. WhatsApp their num, 2 diff person. This is their reply. OK, now I am sending a program app for our company to operate so you can download the app first and then I will teach…...