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11 Sep 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Job offer turned out to be a scam

Saw a job ad for data entry. WhatsApp their num, 2 diff person. This is their reply. OK, now I am sending a program app for our company to operate so you can download the app first and then I will teach…...

03 Aug 2022 | Story | Online Purchase Scam
Beware of fake buyers on Carousell and do not click on dubious links

I posted my item on Carousell for sale. Then a customer contacted me saying that he didn’t have paynow and that he would like to purchase my item, he would pay by courier Fedex. Then he sent me a Fedex…...

05 Jul 2022 | Story | Online Purchase Scam
Scammer pretended to be a buyer on Carousell

It happened when I posted my iphone for sale in Carousell. The scammer contacted me via Carousell to express his interest. He only mentioned that he will be on online carousell for a short period and…...

04 Jul 2022 | Story | Online Purchase Scam
Beware of fake buyers on Carousell

Carousell buyer (username: atthnteoncleehwte) by the name of anthony expressed interest on 25 jun 2022 to purchase a piece of clothing i had put up on sale on carousell, and offered to schedule meetup…...

16 May 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Always verify job offers with the company directly

I was contacted by a recruiter from "BGC Group" called Julie and she referred me to the job in-Charge known as ChongLin. Chonglin then introduced to me that the job was to boost sellers' listings just…...

15 Mar 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Scammers attempted to impersonate legitimate organisations to build credibility

Basically one of those job scams on telegram. Girl named ROSie asked me if I am interested in a job, I can earn 70-210/day. She told me to give my number and someone will contact me on whatsapp. I asked…...

25 Feb 2022 | Story | Job Scam
I fell prey to a job scam

I was contacted by this person on Telegram asking if i was interested in a job and asked if it was ok if her client contact me directly through WhatsApp. This person called Shi Hui 88996423 contacted…...

14 Jan 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of online job scams

I was contacted by a random person from telegram asking if I want to make 150-300 a day working from home. I joined a few job ads group so I thought they randomly messaged us. So I ask for details and…...