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16 May 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Always verify job offers with the company directly

I was contacted by a recruiter from "BGC Group" called Julie and she referred me to the job in-Charge known as ChongLin. Chonglin then introduced to me that the job was to boost sellers' listings just…...

15 Mar 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Scammers attempted to impersonate legitimate organisations to build credibility

Basically one of those job scams on telegram. Girl named ROSie asked me if I am interested in a job, I can earn 70-210/day. She told me to give my number and someone will contact me on whatsapp. I asked…...

25 Feb 2022 | Story | Job Scam
I fell prey to a job scam

I was contacted by this person on Telegram asking if i was interested in a job and asked if it was ok if her client contact me directly through WhatsApp. This person called Shi Hui 88996423 contacted…...

14 Jan 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of online job scams

I was contacted by a random person from telegram asking if I want to make 150-300 a day working from home. I joined a few job ads group so I thought they randomly messaged us. So I ask for details and…...

12 Jan 2022 | Story | Job Scam
I lost around $8k to a job scam

Few days ago, received a msg on messenger and asked if I want to look for a own time own target job. Her name Bonnie. Then a guy name UNCLE CHUA contacted me on WhatsApp and lead me to this website :…...

09 Jan 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of job scams!

I was approached via telegram by a person with a profile picture of a pretty girl. she had an urgent job titled "movie box office assistant" or something of the sort. no experience required, training…...

05 Jan 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Beware of unsolicited job offers

I received an unsolicited telegram message from Jiawen who claimed to be from "JAC Recruitment Singapore". she asked if i was interested in a WFH job offer and i said yes. she passed my number (without…...

04 Jan 2022 | Story | Job Scam
Easy job, great money: Sign of a job scam

My encounter is similar to the one reported here. Someone name 'Karen' contacted me on telegram and later refer me to another 'Gladys' on WhatsApp. She said just need to help 'boost' 40 times and I will…...